Selenian, Global Artist Sacha Jafri, and Spacebit come together to launch 'We Rise Together - with the Light of the Moon'

First Official Artwork on the Moon
Just as Armstrong left the first footprint on the Moon, Selenian is set to leave the legacy of the first official Artwork by a living Artist on the Moon in 2022. The creation will rest eternally in the solitude of the Moon, emanating energy back to our Earth and empowering our vision of a new hope for our planet with Universality, Consciousness, Connection, Empathy and Equality
Jafri recently sold the 2nd most expensive painting ever sold by a living artist in auction at $62million US Dollars with funds being donated to Charity during the Covid-19 pandemic

Sacha Jafri has raised more than any other artist in History for Charitable foundations, a staggering $140 million US Dollars. His recent paintings celebrate the life's achievements of HE Nelson Mandela, David Beckham, President Barack Obama, Sir Alex Ferguson and Queen Elizabeth II
Selenian in partnership with Spacebit and Astrobotic are taking Sacha Jafri's painting to the Moon
Jafri's original work will be placed on the surface of the Moon alongside the release of a five-series NFT Charitable Collection.
The five NFTs will commemorate each stage of the mission – from the rocket launch entering the stratosphere, the Earth circumnavigation, the Moon sling-shot, the Moon landing, the legacy of the eternal artwork on the Moon
In addition, 88 unique Hearts that fly to the Moon as part of the painting, will be released to the world as the Jafri 'Moonheart NFTs'

First Official Artwork on the Moon

Selenian is a pioneering company that specialises in the curation of art in space. A privately held company based in the UAE, the ultimate goal of Selenian is to be the gateway portal for artists to space missions projects, including physical and digital art assets, through artworks, NFTs, tokenization, and the Metaverse
Spacebit, a privately held aerospace company developing technology for space exploration. Spacebit is known for its first ever legged rover Asagumo designed to explore lunar lava caves, and will carry out the first ever UK mission to the Moon
Astrobotic Technology Inc., a US privately held aerospace company providing end-to-end delivery services for payloads to the Moon. Astrobotic is one of the two companies that are to deliver to the lunar surface NASA's scientific and exploration-related instruments through the latter's Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative under the Artemis program
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